Friday, June 10, 2005

Hi all !

Let me introduce myself.

I'm Adrien Facélina, 18 years old, (from France, and my english is still not perfect so don't hesitate to correct me), and I'm also a proud KDE user for three years now.
I enjoy making graphics and I feel really concerned about the look and feel of my desktop. I enjoy making icons and mockups, but it never led to something real. Until opened. For those who don't already know, it's a forum where artists, coders but also usability people meet to design projects.
I made some mockups (among them some are animated) in reply to Aaron Seigo post about Kicker4 (now renamed to Plasma), which will anyway be a killer application. And I though I was dreaming when I saw one of my mockups on Aaron's blog ( I thank you Aaron for having helped me realize that dreamers could really be of help in the open source creative process.
That's what motivated me to start blogging.

I'll release my mockups, my thoughts and my works in progress here.
Unless special notice, all works will follow the LGPL licence.


Blogger p0z3r said...

Visionaries are very important to any community. Welcome to the wonderful world of Open Source!

Blogger unixlinux said...

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