Friday, September 02, 2005

Private concepts artworks

I'm very frustrated not to be in Malagà these days, but it doesn't prevent me from racking my brain and making mockups !
It's a shame people not at the meeting can't get easily involvend on what's going on and I hope what I make doesn't interfere with the ongoing process regarding the desktop look and feel in KDE4.
I tell you I can't code but I got some gimping skills and I wish to commit it in making the desktop more "appealing" ;D .
So here we go, there's an entry I made on which was appreciated.

It includes parts of my Lanthys icon theme as well as my proposal for plasma and the ALI menu, but that's not what you should focus on. The scope of this fakes is to demo the ideas I have of the widget style and the organization a filebrowser/filemanager/filefinder could follow.

Configuration dialog could look like that.

I really enjoy customizing my apps, and I'd never suggest the sense of customization should go away in Kde4. I think it should be done differently than nowadays, Instead of opposing customization and simplicity we should make simple and efficient thing and ease the configuration process.
This configration dialog is my interpretation of the design mode :

- all is done through drag-and-dropping
- contextual information about the selected element
- precise informations about what it enables the user to do
- an accurate preview thanks to Arthur ability to scale widgets

So you get rid of those nasty handlers. the "draw classical handlers checkbox thing" displays toolbars
handlers and also panel handlers so you can resize them. It's not choosen by default because I'm planning to show a more subtle way to achieve that, making the handlers appear on hover.

PS : sorry for the blank entry, I just realized I'm not able to submitt content to blogspot through Konqueror since the text field doesn't displays. I'm bound to use Firefow instead. :/


Blogger Ramsees said...

What's the deal with copying Vista interface?

Don't you have any creativity.

This is annoying, get some ideas instead of stealing them.

Blogger Mark said...

ramsees, that's to harsh. I like the launch panel and the configuration window. However, I think the file browser does border on the Vista look and feel. Also, it doesn't seem entirely polished.

Glad to hear your using Konqueror though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see some decent original stuff in your mockups. I especially liked the tabbed dialog and they way the tabs occupied the full width, and the way the dialog was frameless. It looks very clean and elegant, and superior to the bubbly, childish look I see in vista screenshots.

I love the idea where the OK button has a green background, this is superb usability.

Ignore wankers like Ramsees, they contribute nothing, and are good for nothing.

Anyway, love the work, and I look forward to seeing more!

Blogger Ramsees said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Fabrice said...

Please ramsees .... try to bring your message somewhat more constructively. Besides that don't be rude...

Blogger liquidat said...

If you want to use konqueror, fake the agent to call itself a netscape3 - than everything should work.


Blogger Amaury Chamayou said...

It looks very sleek and smooth. I have a few suggestions :
- Window buttons (close, minimize and maximize) seem to be missing (is this voluntary ?)
- Maybe tabs could be placed over the center square with all the files (that'd be more consitent imho)
- What about a larger filepath field, there's plenty space left esp on the left ?

Blogger superstoned said...

nice job! really, man!

some comments:
1. a sidebar on the left and one on the right? the left one is cool, but maybe put the right one on bottom or top. gives more space for information and actions (!) i think.

and communicate, create, configure - it's great, but where can the audioplayer be put, and what if you wanna change a document?

and what about the actionbuttons ON icons, as talked about on kde-artists? that is a great idea, maybe you can add it to your mockup.

and i like the taskbar, but it is a bit small. maybe a gnome-like setup? and add a quick-search or spotlight-like thing to the kicker.

and some applets/plasmoids on the desktop?

then about the configure dialogue, why not let it apply what is done immideately, so you can get rid of apply and cancel, just keep OK and Revert....

Blogger erioll said...

Sorry Ramsees, I had to delete your last comment. From now on try to state your opinion without insulting others, okay ?
If you can't make constructive remarks, I'll delete every single post from you automatically, is that clear ?

Blogger Nathan Adams said...

Well I do have to say in light of screenshots like it does seem Vista derivative. Ie, the merging of window top borders into the application window, the overly simple navigation system, the eradication of your classic menus. Things like the tabs Music and Images don't make a lot of immediate sense to me. Would they be something like "My Music" and "My Pictures"?
(comes back to it)
Hmmmmm. I suspect though what would be needed in that sort of area will only become more obvious as Tenor development continues.

Even if you keep the menus out, there still needs to be an alternative way of performing actions on files than with the right-click menu on the files. That little grey box area on the top of the right hand column wouldn't be enough to contain all the things a user might want to do to a file-type.

As for the task verb oriented menus... It looks nice at first, but they've got a big problem: they always generate nasty corner cases. Things that are hard to classify. Doesn't matter what menus you pick, you'll run into them. In this case, would a collaborative text editor like SubEthaEdit go under communicate or create? What about the Mozilla suite? A lot of programs are deliberately fuzzy on those particular boundaries, and collaborative applications are only going to increase in number. And if you do add a "Multimedia" menu, what about audio/video editors and recording programs? Krita, the Gimp, you get the idea.

Is "create" really the appropriate word if you're editing a pre-existing document? "configure" works, but that's because it's more strongly connected to a certain sub-set of applications.

On a side note, why aren't the kicker menus capitalized? It strikes me as one of those things you'd look back at in 5 years and groan at the fashion of the time. Like we do with glow effects nowadays.

On more postive notes, I like the colour scheme in the ... well, I suppose it would be Konqueror?... let's stick with File Finder...window. Well, not so much the colour scheme as its generally clean and strong look. Although the colours do jar with the kicker blue.

Regarding the configure window: those four buttons at the bottom strike me as superfluous (and the cancel button placement a bit strange). Maybe as suggested, the changes happened in real time so there would be no need for an apply button. Maybe just three buttons like:
Restore original settings | Save | Cancel
Agreed on the nice green on the OK button though. That's good.

In other screenshots, could you try changing the wallpaper? I'm slightly wary of praising the overall colour usage when a lot of the screen is displaying a certain colourful wallpaper.

Blogger Ramsees said...

"Sorry Ramsees, I had to delete your last comment. From now on try to state your opinion without insulting others, okay ?
If you can't make constructive remarks, I'll delete every single post from you automatically, is that clear ?"

Then why not delete the comment where "max howell" is calling me "wanker"?

Blogger Elias said...

I think many got the case here wrong. I don't really care if the interface is vista like or aqua like or whatever-like.
There is a level of customizability proposed here that we don't have in the current kde versions and I for one am looking forward to it :)

Blogger Ronald said...

It's beautiful. Keep up the good work.

*hint* make more *hint* :P

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